Snow White – Jean Paul Gaultier costume design, backstage visit

Choreography: Angelin Preljocaj
Costumes: Jean Paul Gaultier
Stage: Thierry Leproust
Dancers: Soloists and Corps de ballet from the Staatsballetts Berlin

The Berlin Soho House put together an exclusive event for some of its lucky members for a backstage look at the beautifully designed costumes for the coproduction Staatsballett Berlin | Ballet Preljocaj (Aix-en-Provence).   Preljocaj’s translation into dance the classic fairy tale of Snow White, is a fantastical mix of the classical and modern.  Adding staging that I have yet to see in a ballet piece, he uses climbing harness devices to give a new dimension to the act of dance.  The seven dwarves appear like spiders on a wall as they dance majestically through their underground mine based home.  Not a child’s bed time story – the evil sultry witch give Madonna a run for her money in her Gaultier ensemble and 5 inch heels that she jetes and grinds across the stage on.

  Link to Berlin Staatsballett Snowwhite page

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